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From its early start i v a n a ‘ t o m i c brand is based on the idea of edgy simplicity and unpretentious luxury, committed to an ethical approach to fashion design through sustainable and responsible practice. We design and create clothes with great consideration for the environment starting with thoughtful design and fabric sourcing. We often use draping and different zero-waste cutting techniques paired with natural and eco-friendly fabrics to create limited and small batch collections locally. We create all our samples in-house and each piece is handcrafted to ensure the perfect fit. We also create custom made garments according to our design aesthetic.

We love to use already existing fabrics, recycled materials and deadstock textiles to create our collections as well as creating our own prints.

Our customers are women who appreciate unique design and quality with timeless, comfortable and functional style that stands out.

By choosing
i v a n a ‘ t o m i c
garments you support both ethical fashion
and a small business.

sustainability We offer to upcycle and redesign your garments into a new product once you no longer want to wear it for a scrap of the price. (30%) That way we prolong the life of the garment and reduce the impact on earth and generate awareness


We offer to repurpose your garment after it’s been used, so If the fabric is preserved enough we can redesign it into something new for a scrap of the price.

We believe in producing less and consuming thoughtfully.

Ivana Tomić began her fashion journey in Madrid, soon after graduating in Fashion and textile design in Ljubljana and after completing Erasmus programme at the Faculty of Architecture in Lisbon. Her love for creating led her to start working on her collections and that’s how i v a n a ‘ t o m i c was born, back in early 2009. After many years of international experience, she returns to her home town Pula, Croatia, where she focuses on designing small collections for local concept stores and freelancing for international fashion brands. With more than 10 years of experience in different fields of fashion, Ivana has also directed, produced, styled, and photographed all of her collections.

We want to participate actively in finding better solutions to mass production and creating healthier fashion consumption so we encourage you to consume consciously and take good care of your clothes so you can wear them longer. Thank you for purchasing with us.
Every small purchase makes a big difference.


7. NIT

Carera 59

concept store

Mačkova 4


Grivica 6a